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Oríon is an asynchronous framework for black-box function optimization.

Its purpose is to serve as a meta-optimizer for machine learning models and training, as well as a flexible experimentation platform for large scale asynchronous optimization procedures.

Core design value is the minimum disruption of a researcher’s workflow. It allows fast and efficient tuning, providing minimum simple non-intrusive (not even necessary!) helper client interface for a user’s script.

So if ./run.py --mini-batch=50 looks like what you execute normally, now what you have to do looks like this:

orion -n experiment_name ./run.py --mini-batch~'randint(32, 256)'

Check out our getting started guide or this presentation for an overview, or our scikit-learn example for a more hands-on experience. Finally we encourage you to browse our documentation.

Why Oríon?

Effortless to adopt, deeply customizable


Install Oríon by running $ pip install orion. For more information consult the installation guide.


Contribute or Ask

Do you have a question or issues? Do you want to report a bug or suggest a feature? Name it! Please contact us by opening an issue in our repository below and checkout our contribution guidelines:

Start by starring and forking our Github repo!

Thanks for the support!


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The project is licensed under the BSD license.

API Reference