Getting started

In this section, we’ll guide you to install the dependencies and environment to develop on Oríon. We made our best to automate most of the process using Python’s ecosystem goodness to facilitate your onboarding. Let us know how we can improve!


The first step is to clone your remote repository from Github (if not already done, make sure to fork our repository first).

$ git clone


The usage of a virtual environment is recommended, but not necessary.

$ mkvirtualenv -a $PWD/orion orion

Then, you need to deploy the project in development mode by invoking the script with develop argument or by using pip install --editable.

$ python develop --optimize=1


Follow the same instructions as to install the Database Setup locally.

Verifying the installation

For developer’s convenience the packages enlisted in the requirements file dev-requirements.txt are meant to facilitate the development process. Packages include tox for defining and organizing macros of sh commands in virtual environments, and packages for linting as we will see in a next chapter.

Check everything is ready by running python 3.6 the test suite using $ tox -e py36 (this will take some time). If the tests can’t be run to completion, contact us by opening a new issue. We’ll do our best to help you!

About tox

tox is an automation tool that execute tasks in virtual environments. We automate all our testing, verification, and release macros with it. All contexts are defined in tox.ini. They can be executed using $ tox -e <context name>.