Helper function to insert new trials

Routines for manual interaction with database

Provides a simple interface to log new trials into the database and link them with a particular existing experiment.

orion.client.manual.insert_trials(experiment_name, points, raise_exc=True)[source]

Insert sets of parameters manually, defined in points, as new trials for the experiment name, experiment_name.


This function is deprecated and will be removed in 0.3.0. You should use ExperimentClient.insert() instead.

  • experiment_name – Name of the experiment which the new trials are going to be associated with

  • points – list of tuples in agreement with experiment’s parameter space

  • raise_exc – whether an inappropriate tuple of parameters will raise an exception or it will be ignored


If raise_exc is True, no set of parameters will be inserted. If it is False, only the valid ones will be inserted; the rest will be ignored.


This cannot be used to prepopulate a future experiment. So, an experiment with experiment_name should already be configured in the database.