In this guide, we explain the concepts of Oríon in depth. A light weight introduction is available in Getting Started to familiarize yourself with the project and its concepts.

The user guide is organized in the following sections:

  • Integrate. Describes how you can integrate Oríon to your existing scripts and experiments.

  • Optimize. Describes how to start and configure hyperparameter optimizations.

  • Algorithms. Describes our optimization algorithms and their options.

  • Search Space. Describes our search space and their options.

  • Monitoring. Describes how to observe trials and view experiments results.

  • Visualizations. Describes visualizations tools to analyse experiment results.

  • Experiment Version Control. Describes how trials are organized and how you can reuse results from past experiments.

  • Storage. Describes how to interact with the experiment database directly.

  • Benchmark. Describes benchmarking tool to compare optimization algorithms.

  • Advanced Configuration. Details in depth how the configuration system works.

  • Parallel Workers. Describes how to run multiple workers for the same experiment.

If you have any questions or feel something is missing in the documentation, always feel free to start a new issue and tell us!