Installing Oríon

Oríon is compatible with most Linux distributions and Mac OS X. Windows 10 is also supported through the Windows Subsystem for Linux. Oríon is tested on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and Mac OS X 10.13.

The easiest way to install the latest version of Oríon is through the Python package manager. Oríon is registered on PyPI under orion. Use the following command to install Oríon:

pip install orion

Note that Oríon comes with the following algorithms: Random Search, Hyperband, TPE, and ASHA. More algorithms are available in the plugin section, their installation is also done through pip.

Afterwards, we recommend to select a database for Oríon to use unless you’re comfortable with the default option.

Bleeding edge

If you want to work with the bleeding edge version of Oríon, we recommend you install it with the following command:

pip install git+

Note that the bleeding edge branch is develop. The master branch is the same as the latest version on PyPI.