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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
Legacy storage

Old Storage implementation.

import datetime
import json
import logging

import orion.core
import orion.core.utils.backward as backward
from import Database, OutdatedDatabaseError
from orion.core.utils.exceptions import MissingResultFile
from orion.core.worker.trial import Trial, validate_status
from import (

log = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]def get_database(): """Return current database This is a wrapper around the Database Singleton object to provide better error message when it is used without being initialized. Raises ------ RuntimeError If the underlying database was not initialized prior to calling this function Notes ----- To initialize the underlying database you must first call `Database(...)` with the appropriate arguments for the chosen backend """ return Database()
[docs]def setup_database(config=None): """Create the Database instance from a configuration. Parameters ---------- config: dict Configuration for the database backend. If not defined, global configuration is used. """ if config is None: # TODO: How could we support as well? config = orion.core.config.database.to_dict() db_opts = config dbtype = db_opts.pop("type") log.debug("Creating %s database client with args: %s", dbtype, db_opts) try: Database(of_type=dbtype, **db_opts) except ValueError: if Database().__class__.__name__.lower() != dbtype.lower(): raise
[docs]class Legacy(BaseStorageProtocol): """Legacy protocol, store all experiments and trials inside the Database() Parameters ---------- config: Dict configuration definition passed from experiment_builder to storage factory to legacy constructor. See `` for more details setup: bool Setup the database (create indexes) """ def __init__(self, database=None, setup=True): if database is not None: setup_database(database) self._db = Database() if setup: self._setup_db() def _setup_db(self): """Database index setup""" if backward.db_is_outdated(self._db): raise OutdatedDatabaseError( "The database is outdated. You can upgrade it with the " "command `orion db upgrade`." ) self._db.index_information("experiment") self._db.ensure_index( "experiments", [("name", Database.ASCENDING), ("version", Database.ASCENDING)], unique=True, ) self._db.ensure_index("experiments", "metadata.datetime") self._db.ensure_index("benchmarks", "name", unique=True) self._db.ensure_index("trials", "experiment") self._db.ensure_index("trials", "status") self._db.ensure_index("trials", "results") self._db.ensure_index("trials", "start_time") self._db.ensure_index("trials", [("end_time", Database.DESCENDING)])
[docs] def create_benchmark(self, config): """Insert a new benchmark inside the database""" return self._db.write("benchmarks", data=config, query=None)
[docs] def fetch_benchmark(self, query, selection=None): """Fetch all benchmarks that match the query""" return"benchmarks", query, selection)
[docs] def create_experiment(self, config): """See :func:``""" return self._db.write("experiments", data=config, query=None)
[docs] def delete_experiment(self, experiment=None, uid=None): """See :func:``""" uid = get_uid(experiment, uid) return self._db.remove("experiments", query={"_id": uid})
[docs] def update_experiment(self, experiment=None, uid=None, where=None, **kwargs): """See :func:``""" uid = get_uid(experiment, uid) if where is None: where = dict() if uid is not None: where["_id"] = uid return self._db.write("experiments", data=kwargs, query=where)
[docs] def fetch_experiments(self, query, selection=None): """See :func:``""" return"experiments", query, selection)
[docs] def fetch_trials(self, experiment=None, uid=None, where=None): """See :func:``""" uid = get_uid(experiment, uid) if where is None: where = dict() where["experiment"] = uid return self._fetch_trials(where)
def _fetch_trials(self, query, selection=None): """See :func:``""" def sort_key(item): submit_time = item.submit_time if submit_time is None: return 0 return submit_time trials ="trials", query=query, selection=selection)) trials.sort(key=sort_key) return trials
[docs] def register_trial(self, trial): """See :func:``""" self._db.write("trials", trial.to_dict()) return trial
[docs] def delete_trials(self, experiment=None, uid=None, where=None): """See :func:``""" uid = get_uid(experiment, uid) if where is None: where = dict() if uid is not None: where["experiment"] = uid return self._db.remove("trials", query=where)
[docs] def register_lie(self, trial): """See :func:``""" return self._db.write("lying_trials", trial.to_dict())
[docs] def retrieve_result(self, trial, **kwargs): """Do nothing for the legacy backend. Trial object should already have its results at this point. Parameters ---------- trial: Trial The trial object to be updated Returns ------- returns the trial object Notes ----- This does not update the database! """ return trial
[docs] def get_trial(self, trial=None, uid=None): """See :func:``""" if trial is not None and uid is not None: assert trial._id == uid if uid is None: if trial is None: raise MissingArguments("Either `trial` or `uid` should be set") uid = result ="trials", {"_id": uid}) if not result: return None return Trial(**result[0])
[docs] def update_trials(self, experiment=None, uid=None, where=None, **kwargs): """See :func:``""" uid = get_uid(experiment, uid) if where is None: where = dict() where["experiment"] = uid return self._db.write("trials", data=kwargs, query=where)
[docs] def update_trial(self, trial=None, uid=None, where=None, **kwargs): """See :func:``""" uid = get_uid(trial, uid) if where is None: where = dict() where["_id"] = uid return self._db.write("trials", data=kwargs, query=where)
[docs] def fetch_lost_trials(self, experiment): """See :func:``""" heartbeat = orion.core.config.worker.heartbeat threshold = datetime.datetime.utcnow() - datetime.timedelta( seconds=heartbeat * 5 ) lte_comparison = {"$lte": threshold} query = { "experiment": experiment._id, "status": "reserved", "heartbeat": lte_comparison, } return self._fetch_trials(query)
[docs] def push_trial_results(self, trial): """See :func:``""" rc = self.update_trial( trial, **trial.to_dict(), where={"_id":, "status": "reserved"} ) if not rc: raise FailedUpdate() return rc
[docs] def set_trial_status(self, trial, status, heartbeat=None, was=None): """See :func:``""" heartbeat = heartbeat or datetime.datetime.utcnow() was = was or trial.status validate_status(status) validate_status(was) update = dict(status=status, heartbeat=heartbeat, experiment=trial.experiment) rc = self.update_trial(trial, **update, where={"status": was, "_id":}) if not rc: raise FailedUpdate() trial.status = status
[docs] def fetch_pending_trials(self, experiment): """See :func:``""" query = dict( experiment=experiment._id, status={"$in": ["new", "suspended", "interrupted"]}, ) return self._fetch_trials(query)
[docs] def reserve_trial(self, experiment): """See :func:``""" query = dict( experiment=experiment._id, status={"$in": ["interrupted", "new", "suspended"]}, ) # read and write works on a single document now = datetime.datetime.utcnow() trial = self._db.read_and_write( "trials", query=query, data=dict(status="reserved", start_time=now, heartbeat=now), ) if trial is None: return None return Trial(**trial)
[docs] def fetch_noncompleted_trials(self, experiment): """See :func:``""" query = dict(experiment=experiment._id, status={"$ne": "completed"}) return self._fetch_trials(query)
[docs] def count_completed_trials(self, experiment): """See :func:``""" query = dict(experiment=experiment._id, status="completed") return self._db.count("trials", query)
[docs] def count_broken_trials(self, experiment): """See :func:``""" query = dict(experiment=experiment._id, status="broken") return self._db.count("trials", query)
[docs] def update_heartbeat(self, trial): """Update trial's heartbeat""" return self.update_trial( trial, heartbeat=datetime.datetime.utcnow(), where={"status": "reserved"} )
[docs] def fetch_trials_by_status(self, experiment, status): """See :func:``""" query = dict(experiment=experiment._id, status=status) return self._fetch_trials(query)