The documentation is built using Sphinx with the Read The Docs theme.

We try to write the documentation at only one place and reuse it as much as possible. For instance, the home page of this documentation ( is actually pulled from the README.rst and appended with a table of content of the documentation generated automatically. The advantage of having a single source of truth is that it’s vastly easier to find information and keep it up to date.

Updating README.rst

When you need to reference a page from the documentation on the README.rst, make sure to always point to the stable channel in readthedocs (

If you need to add a link to a specific page in the documentation that is not yet on the stable channel, make the link to the latest channel ( During the release process the link will be updated to the stable channel.

Building documentation

To generate the html and man pages of the documentation, run:

tox -e docs

When writing, you can run $ tox -e serve-docs to host the content of /docs/build/html on http://localhost:8000.