Source code for orion.algo.registry

""" Classes that serve as an in-memory storage of trials for the algorithms. """
from __future__ import annotations

import copy
from collections import defaultdict
from logging import getLogger as get_logger
from typing import Any, Container, Iterator, Mapping

from orion.core.worker.trial import Trial, TrialCM

logger = get_logger(__name__)

[docs]class Registry(Container[Trial]): """In-memory container for the trials that the algorithm suggests/observes/etc.""" def __init__(self): self._trials: dict[str, Trial] = {} def __contains__(self, trial_or_id: str | Trial | Any) -> bool: if isinstance(trial_or_id, TrialCM): trial_id = _get_id(trial_or_id._cm_trial) elif isinstance(trial_or_id, Trial): trial_id = _get_id(trial_or_id) elif isinstance(trial_or_id, str): trial_id = trial_or_id else: raise NotImplementedError(trial_or_id) return trial_id in self._trials def __getitem__(self, item: str) -> Trial: if not isinstance(item, str): raise KeyError(item) return self._trials[item] def __iter__(self) -> Iterator[Trial]: return iter(self._trials.values()) def __len__(self) -> int: return len(self._trials) @property def state_dict(self) -> dict: """Get the state of the registry as a dictionary.""" return {"_trials": copy.deepcopy(self._trials)}
[docs] def set_state(self, statedict: dict) -> None: """Set the state of the registry from the given dictionary.""" self._trials = copy.deepcopy(statedict["_trials"])
[docs] def has_suggested(self, trial: Trial) -> bool: """Check if the trial has been suggested.""" return _get_id(trial) in self
[docs] def has_observed(self, trial: Trial) -> bool: """Check if the trial has been observed.""" trial_id = _get_id(trial) if trial_id not in self: return False return self[trial_id].status in ("broken", "completed")
[docs] def register(self, trial: Trial) -> str: """Register the given trial in the registry.""" trial_id = _get_id(trial) if trial_id in self: existing = self._trials[trial_id] if existing.status != "new" and trial.status == "new": raise RuntimeError( f"Can't overwrite existing (older) trial {existing} with new trial {trial}!" ) logger.debug("Overwriting existing trial %s with %s", existing, trial) else: logger.debug( "Registry %s Registering new trial %s (%s trials in total)", id(self), trial, len(self), ) trial_copy = copy.deepcopy(trial) self._trials[trial_id] = trial_copy return trial_id
[docs] def get_existing(self, trial: Trial) -> Trial: """Get the equivalent trial from the registry. If `trial` isn't in the registry, raises a RuntimeError. """ trial_id = _get_id(trial) if trial_id not in self: raise RuntimeError(f"Trial `{trial}` isn't in the registry (id={trial_id})") return self[trial_id]
[docs]class RegistryMapping(Mapping[Trial, "list[Trial]"]): """A map between the original and transformed registries. This object is used in the `SpaceTransformAlgoWrapper` to check if a trial in the original space has equivalent trials in the transformed space. The goal is to make it so the algorithms don't have to care about the transforms/etc. """ def __init__(self, original_registry: Registry, transformed_registry: Registry): self.original_registry = original_registry self.transformed_registry = transformed_registry self._mapping: dict[str, set[str]] = defaultdict(set) @property def state_dict(self) -> dict: """Get the state of the registry mapping as a dictionary. NOTE: This does NOT include the state of the individual registries. """ return { "_mapping": copy.deepcopy(self._mapping), }
[docs] def set_state(self, statedict: dict): """Set the state of the registry mapping from the given dictionary. NOTE: This does NOT set the state of the individual registries. """ self._mapping = copy.deepcopy(statedict["_mapping"])
def __iter__(self) -> Iterator[Trial]: for trial_id in self._mapping: yield self.original_registry[trial_id] def __len__(self) -> int: return len(self._mapping) def __contains__(self, trial: Trial): return _get_id(trial) in self._mapping def __getitem__(self, item: Trial) -> list[Trial]: trial_id = _get_id(item) if trial_id not in self._mapping: if trial_id in self.original_registry: return [] raise KeyError(item) transformed_trial_ids = self._mapping[trial_id] return [ self.transformed_registry[transformed_id] for transformed_id in transformed_trial_ids ]
[docs] def get_trials(self, original_trial: Trial) -> list[Trial]: """Return the registered transformed trials that map to the given trial in the original space. """ return self.get(original_trial, [])
[docs] def register(self, original_trial: Trial, transformed_trial: Trial) -> str: """Register an equivalence between the given original trial and the transformed trial.""" # NOTE: Choosing not to register the trials here, and instead do it more manually. # original_id = self.original_registry.register(original_trial) # transformed_id = self.transformed_registry.register(transformed_trial) original_trial_id = _get_id(original_trial) transformed_trial_id = _get_id(transformed_trial) self._mapping[original_trial_id].add(transformed_trial_id) return original_trial_id
def _get_id(trial: Trial) -> str: """Returns the unique identifier to be used to store the trial. Only to be used internally in this module. This ignores the `experiment` attribute of the trial. """ return Trial.compute_trial_hash(trial, ignore_experiment=True)